Website Design

Over the years, D&A has dabbled in website design, using whatever combination of design tools and IT knowledge was available and in vogue at the time. Recognizing that technology and best practices change quite rapidly, D&A has chosen to try to simplify its approach to website design lately by making extensive use of WordPress. Though some of D&A clients’ sites are still organized and maintained in Adobe Dreamweaver and may appear dated, the newer of the sites are cleaner and more trendy-looking (just wait, that’ll probably change in a couple years too) and have many of the advantages inherent in the WordPress platform.

Mark Deshon has been involved in website design and maintenance since the mid 1990s and looks forward to talking with you about your project.

Design samples

BikeNewark website frontpage

First State Press websiteCEI website
DAWN websiteWalter DeVault MD website
Columbia Sales International websiteDCODP website