Logo Design & Branding

Your brand—mark of corporate or organizational identity and how it is used—is your “best foot forward” and communicates a great deal about the entity you represent. So, professional logo design & branding are (or at least should be) essential tools of your trade.

Mark Deshon welcomes the challenge of creating for you something that is both visually unique and utilitarian in a logo and associated branding.

Logo samples

GREEN team logo

logo for First State Press

logo and tagline of First Presbyterian Church (Newark, Del.)

logo for Prison Ministries of Delaware, Inc.

logo for Walter DeVault, M.D.

logo for Garden Voyage Botanicals

Klondike Kate’s logo
Note: In 2019 the Klondike Kate’s logo celebrated its 40th year of continuous use. Though not a Deshon & Associates product, Mark collaborated with a team of designers back in the summer of 1978 to help create the image for this iconic Newark restaurant.

Application example

examples of Columbia Sales branding with new logo