About Owner/Designer Mark Deshon

photo of Mark Deshon in 2005Mark Deshon is the principal owner of Deshon & Associates and its chief designer. He graduated from the University of Delaware with a degree in graphic design in 1978 and since then has been working as a designer in the Newark, Del., area.

Immediately after graduation, Deshon was hired by the northern Delaware ad agency Harwood & Lloyd. It was here—during a short, but busy, 20 months—that he got his feet wet in the design business.

Deshon spent the next 20 years working for the Center for Composite Materials (CCM), an interdisciplinary engineering unit at the University of Delaware, where he designed for a variety of purposes related to marketing the unit to potential government and private-sector sponsors and supporting its educational mission. Work included corporate identity and branding; technical illustration; design of presentation materials (including photographic work), displays, and printed publications; and development and maintenance of CCM’s initial website. An important part of Deshon’s experience at CCM was his transition in the mid-1980s from traditional design tools to the then-emerging world of digital design and production.

Deshon worked for an additional 12 years for the University of Delaware at its Institute for Public Administration (IPA)—a public service, education, and research unit. Over the course of his tenure at IPA, he developed its logo and branding; revamped IPA’s website three times; did technical editing and design on research reports as well as comprehensive development plans for Delaware towns; initiated IPA’s use of social media; wrote news articles; consulted with students, faculty, and IPA’s external clients; and did considerable informal and a small amount of formal graduate-level teaching.

In November 2012, Deshon officially retired from the University of Delaware and has since devoted himself wholeheartedly to his business entity.