Welcome to Deshon & Associates

D&A logo with MarkDeshon & Associates Graphic Design (D&A) has been in business in Delaware since 1987. D&A’s niche is design as well as online and print publishing for company/product marketing needs. D&A utilizes illustration, photoediting, word-processing, and page-layout software for traditional and online publishing. Its primary tools are a Macintosh laptop, Adobe software, and peripherals common in the design business.

In addition, D&A can offer some serious written communication and editorial skills.

This introductory letter will help familiarize you with the current Deshon & Associates pricing structure.

Recent Client Comments

…in relation to an artist’s Print Design portfolio catalog project:

“Looks gorgeous.” and “I think the catalogue is wonderful. It is such of beautiful presentation of who you are as an artist.”

…in relation to several Print Design advertising projects:

“I know this has been a real grind lately, and your creative input and dedication [are] greatly appreciated!”

…in relation to a recent Logos & Branding project for a nonprofit organization:

“Thanks for all of the great work and flexibility you have provided.”

…in relation to large photomural seen on Photography & Photoediting page:

“Yes, compliments are coming in. Great job. We may think of another one to do, so hopefully you will be available.”

Latest Projects

Client: Select Amenities Ltd. (Hockessin, Del.)
Project: holiday season greeting card

photo of Select Amenities holiday greeting card front

Client: Avon Grove School District (West Grove, Pa.)
Project: 28-pg.+cover calendar

Client: Select Amenities Ltd. (Newark, Del.)
Project: photoillustration for client website

photoillustration of Crest Oral Care products

Client: University of Delaware English Department (Newark, Del.)
Project: 82-page book

cover of Caesura, the University of Delaware Literary Annual

Client: Newark United Methodist Church (Newark, Del.)
Project: logo for children’s GREEN team

GREEN team logo

Client: Select Amenities Ltd. (Newark, Del.)
Project: New package design for 3 oz. Noël series bayberry soap

photo of 3oz. bayberry Noël soap

Client: McClafferty Printing Company (Wilmington, Del.) for Yolanda Chetwynd
Project: 32-pg. portfolio catalog


Client: University of Delaware Institute for Public Administration (Newark, Del.)
Project: 44-pg.+cover report


Client: First State Press (Newark, Del.)
Project: logo design for book author’s self-publishing business

logo of First State Press